Sri Lanka Design Awards 2018

Dates : 07th August 2018
Time : 7pm – 9pm
Venue : Arcade Independence Square (Zone D)

At the Sri Lanka Design Week, we acknowledge design talent, key contributors and craftsmen of Sri Lanka. The award ceremony will take place on the 7th of August 2018 at the Inauguration Ceremony, under the patronage of our Inaugural Keynote Speaker, Special Guest and Design Enthusiasts. The felicitation award will be presented at the Sri Lanka Design Week finale on the 12th of August 2018.

Inauguration Ceremony

Date : 7th August 2018
Time : 7pm – 9pm
Venue : Arcade Independence Square (Zone D)

Sri Lanka Design Week 2018 will unveil with the Inauguration Ceremony on the 07th of August 2018 at 7.00pm onwards followed by the Sri Lanka Design Awards. The inaugural keynote speaker will be Mr. Prasoon Kumar, Co-Founder and CEO BillonBricks, Singapore. He will share his knowledge on the importance of Design.

Mr. Prasoon Kumar founded Billion Bricks in 2013, a non-profit organization that innovates shelters for the homeless and vulnerable that are scalable, sustainable and able to create opportunities for communities to emerge out of poverty. WeatherHYDE is an insulated, reversible, lightweight and women-friendly emergency shelter designed to save lives of the homeless in extreme weather. Ashton Kutcher called it “innovation at its finest when its social media campaign went viral over 40 million views. PowerHYDE is the world’s first solar home for the homeless which produces enough energy to pay for itself. Since founding BillionBricks, has rehabilitated more than 3,800 homeless and disaster-stricken people in India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Cambodia, Nepal, United States and Europe.

Mr. Prasoon is also a TEDx speaker, chosen as one of Urban Land Institute’s 40 under 40 and has won numerous global awards for his work. He graduated summa cum laude from Arizona State University with a Master of Urban and Environmental Planning and an Outstanding Graduate Award for the year 2005.

Sri Lanka Design Awards 2018

Date : 7th August 2018
Time : 7pm – 9pm
Venue : Arcade Independence Square (Zone D)

The Sri Lanka Design Awards, portrays Sri Lanka’s best design talent, products and inventions to the world. This year we launched, The Sri Lanka Design Awards and Competition as a student competition at the Design Code – Sri Lanka Design Week 2018.

With the intention of uplifting ‘Design in Sri Lanka’, the ambition of this award and competition is to identify young designers, innovators that study design as an undergraduate both locally and internationally. The invitation was sent to Design Schools both local and international, for the following 4 awards: Young Sri Lankan Designer Award, Young Global Designer Award, Young Sri Lankan Designer of the Year 2018 Award and the ‘Most Popular Design’ Award.  The first two awards will be given to the respective fields of design: Product Design, Fashion and Lifestyle Design, Media and Communication Design.

The competition was launched in March 2018 prior to the event and was partnered with Cargills. Applicants were expected to present the most creative design solutions in a poster format to one of the following briefs:

  • Product Design

Designing a solution for grocery bags that are financially feasible, eco friendly and biodegradable with considerable factors on user, usage and quality.

  • Fashion and Lifestyle Design

Designing a protective and functional clothing for the vegetable farming community, whose work entails working under harsh weather conditions in the dry zone of Sri Lanka or in the selected local context* (only applicable to country of applicants’ origin)

  • Media and Communication Design

Designing a poster based on the theme of ‘Cutting Down Food Waste’. Present a design solution on how an individual should contribute to reducing food waste, that impacts the industry and the nation. The Communication should excite and motivate the social consciousness of every individual towards taking action. The complete strategy and the creative media elements required by the strategy should be presented. The scope could cover food waste in homes to different work places.

Artisan Award

Date : 07th August 2018
Time : 7pm – 9pm
Venue : Arcade Independence Square (Zone F)

Culture Code, since its initiation in 2012, contributes to the National Development by preserving the country’s proud cultural heritage of traditional crafting. It facilitates transferring of knowledge among artisans from the traditional crafting sector of the country and promotes emerging creative talents of the country. Therefore, as part of the Culture Code, these skilled craftsmen are brought up to stage as appreciation to design and awarded with the Artisan Award. The award ceremony will be held during the Inauguration Ceremony of Sri Lanka Design Week 2018 on the 7th of August 2018.


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