Fashion Show

Dates : 12th August 2018
Time : 6.30pm – 9pm
Venue : Arcade Independence Square (Zone C)

This year’s ‘Sri Lanka Design Week 2018’, will conclude with an extravagant fashion show curated by Ajai Vir Singh. The show will feature, work that has been created by students of the university’s Department of Integrated Design. The show will include the Graduating batch’s’ final year fashion collections, level three Fashion and Lifestyle Design projects, level two Culture Code 2018 Fashion drapes. It will also showcase designs of student group projects for the Responsible Fashion Hackathon by Design Development Cooperation. The most responsible fashion designer will be presented the “Best Responsible Fashion Designer Award” during this show. The Fashion show is partnered with Hidramani Group of Companies.



Felicitation Award

Date : 12th August 2018
Time : 6.30pm – 9pm
Venue : Arcade Independence Square (Zone C)

The discipline of design is a discussion today within the context of Sri Lanka due to the contribution of individuals who were passionate about design. They are identified as key contributors towards the upliftment of industry or education and most times both. At the grand finale of Sri Lanka Design Week 2018 we hope to take a moment to felicitate with the prestigious lifetime award to Ms. Chandramani Thenuwara, an eminent designer and contributor to the field of textile design in Sri Lanka.

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