Designed in Sri Lanka

Dates : 07th – 12th August 2018
Time : 8.30am – 7.30pm
Venue : Arcade Independence Square (Zone C)

Be it the crafting skills passed down to us over generations to generations or the inbuilt excellence in creativity, Sri Lanka has her own legacy in the field of design. when organizing ‘Sri Lanka Design Code 2018’, our aim is to bring in the creative education, state and the creative industry on to one platform for the betterment of local design. At the Sri Lanka Design Week 2018, we are recognizing the existing companies that has excelled in the local design industry by providing a space to showcase their brand/ product. These brands and companies had sailed to success through many hardships while becoming a key assert to Sri Lanka’s national development. ‘Designed in Sri Lanka’ will be an appreciation for their immense contribution given to the field of design.

This year we recognize the following six brands and entrepreneurs ‘Designed in Sri Lanka’, both industrial and alumni, related to Fashion and Lifestyle, Media and Communication and Product Design fields.


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