Design Exhibition

Dates : 08th – 12th August 2018
Time : 8.30am – 7.30pm
Venue: Arcade Independence Square (Zone B)

The Design Exhibition will be a showcase of the skills and abilities of our young undergraduates from the three offering specialization fields namely Product Design, Fashion & Lifestyle Design, Media & Communication Design.
Design does not only deal with visual design, but instead deals with several layers of user experience. As design academia we believe these layers of design can be approached through a design process. The Department of Integrated Design encourage students to unbox their design thinking and apply it to the creative mind to create innovative designs through a fruitful design process. Through every module and design project our department aims to practice students on how design ideas are cultivated into user centered, effective design solutions.
Three semesters of fundamental design learning are carried out before entering the specialization of fields. The overall curriculum of the field specialization consists of six focal design projects along with supportive modules in order to achieve objectives of effective design fundamentals, obtaining theoretical approach in research skills and also aims to gain industrial exposure through industry and department collaborative projects. Design projects are given the main priority which are assigned in a systematic flow to obtain the essential requirements to become a successful designer. These exhibits from all three specializing fields, are their endeavor on achieving that aim.

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